Welcome, 2018

Dear all!

I once read somewhere that it's still perfectly fine to wish someone a happy new year on January 31 (granted: that would be a little weird), so if you follow that logic, I am definitely not too late with my message to you today.

For the new year, I wish you above all good health, peace and happiness. That, and self-confidence. Self-love, even! Because if you feel good about yourself, you will radiate that feeling onto others -- and then we all benefit, right?!

Do you have any concrete plans for the new year? I'd love to know about your good intentions, resolutions and/or decisions!
As for me personally, I don't have any real 2018 purposes that aren't related to Myrthis. That's probably no surprise to those who know me, because this little business means the world to me. ;) Most of all, I want to make sure that our shoe collection stays unique yet affordable. Constantly being on the lookout for new and upcoming brands is the most challenging, but also the most fun & exciting part of that. Next month I will be visiting the MICAM in Milan, the leading international footwear fair. Can't wait to discover some amazing shoes there...

But first things first: the January sales are happening right now. Check out the online shop to discover some great discounts: up to 50% off on the current winter collection, AND you get free shipping if your order is over 100 euros. I must be crazy!

And while our weather is still cold, grey & rainy, the new spring/summer collection is beginning to arrive in store. I will be updating the website soon, so stay tuned if you're getting tired of boots and in the mood for some sunny sandals!




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