I have been slacking!

Posted by Julie Foubert on

When it comes to blogging, that is, because the past month has been pretty busy at Myrthis.

Quick update: as mentioned in a previous post, I visited the MICAM fair in Milan in February. A great experience! SO many shoes (and so little time). I saw lots of beautiful brands that I had never heard of before, but one in particular really stood out. It was love at first sight, so I basically had no choice but to place an order for the next fall/winter collection. I'm going to keep the brand a secret for now, but one thing I can tell is that they have quite the funny, unusual name. Just the way I like it: anything but ordinary, please!

Then it was time for the 'open house days', or rather: open house week. The weather was far from perfect for presenting spring/summer footwear (freezing & rainy, yay), but many customers, both familiar faces and new ones, braved the cold and stopped by. I was super pleased to hear so much positive feedback about the new collection. Some of our most popular shoes so far: this incredibly comfy perforated sneaker, this simply timeless mule and this sandal in the prettiest green I've ever seen.

So yeah, as you can probably guess, I'm 100% ready for the new season. I myself bought these adorable Pertinis to accompany me on lots of (hopefully sunny) spring walks through the city. And to think I didn't even like pink until a few years ago...

Feel free to browse our online shop and choose your own favorite pair! ;)