New brand: ART (The Art Company)


It's time I introduced you to another new brand we have in store this summer. I'm proud to present the really cool (and somewhat eccentric) sandals and sneakers by ART. Let me warn you, though: this Spanish company is not everyone's cup of tea!

I have been carefully observing customers' reactions (not in a weird stalkerish way or anything) and it's clear that there is no in between: you either love this style or you hate it.

I am definitely one of the lovers, and not in the least because I'm a big platform sole fan. If you prefer thick soles over towering heels as a means to gain some centimeters, you will most likely enjoy ART. Have I sparked your curiosity? Let's just look at some photos so you can see what I'm blabbing on about.

First-class eye-catchers, right? Perfect for anyone who's not afraid to stand out a little bit! Oh, and on top of that: they're VERY comfortable. Just like the beautiful sneakers below. I chose the gold ones for myself and I feel like I can walk to the end of the world in them (or at least from here to Paris, and that's quite the stroll):

Last but not least, we added a unique little heeled sandal to our ART collection:

Opinions on this one seem to be most divided of all, and it's been the subject of multiple animated/heated discussions with my mom. I absolutely adore this quirky twist on the classic black pump, she declares it one of the ugliest shoes ever. Pretty funny, especially since we usually are tight footwear buddies!

Ah, well. All good ART is unconventional and ahead of its age. People didn't see Van Gogh for what he was at the time either ;)

I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please comment below if you feel like it.
Wishing you a great weekend!





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