New in store: P.F. Candle Co

Hmmm... It smells delicious at Myrthis these days, and it's all thanks to P.F. Candle Co. This Californian brand, known for their handmade scented candles and hand-dipped incense sticks (and much more), has already won over lovers-of-finer-things all over the United States. And now they're also available at small retail businesses in Europe, including ours! 

I really enjoy cozy nights in, especially when it's cold & rainy outside (the situation as I'm typing this, actually). Candles are therefore a necessary decoration item at my apartment. Scented ones? Even better! P.F. Candle Co has a whole range of different scents, going from fresh & airy to deep & flowery. Making a selection for my store was not an easy task, trust me, because each of them smells amazing in its own way, yet always subtle and never too dominant. Anyway, I managed to choose six: 'Patchouli Sweetgrass', 'Sandalwood Rose', 'Amber & Moss' (also the scent of our incense sticks), 'Sweet Grapefruit', 'Golden Coast' and -my favorite- 'Irish Whiskey'. Each candle has an average burn time of 40 to 50 hours. Too bad we can't transmit smells through phones or computers yet, because I can tell you the various ingredients (eucalyptus, lavender, peach, cedar, lime...) but that doesn't even come close to actually experiencing the relaxing effect of these candles.

I wasn't very familiar with incense before I discovered P.F. Candle Co, but I'm definitely a fan now. A package contains 15 charcoal-based sticks and each one will burn for approximately 60 minutes. However, the calming scent will linger through your home for up to 4 hours.

The holidays are around the corner, and that means we're all searching for that perfect gift again. If you're looking for something nice and thoughtful that will look the part in any interior (thanks to the clean, apothecary-style amber jars): P.F. candles are the way to go!

By the way, 'P.F.' stands for 'Pommes Frites'. That's what Kristen, the owner, decided to call her business when she embarked on the venture. I love it. Was this brand destined for the Belgian market or what? ;)

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