First post

Hi everyone!

From now on I will regularly be using the 'Blog' section on this website to share the latest news about Myrthis (new arrivals, brands and collections we're working with) as well as thoughts on the industry, fashion, style, and more. 

Basically I am seeing this as a way to combine two passions of mine: shoes and writing ;)

Since it's unthinkable these days for any business to not be present on social media, of course you can find Myrthis on Facebook and Instagram, too. Don't worry, I'm not trying to convince you to start following me everywhere. I totally understand that keeping up with all those channels and maintaining your own online identity gets tiring sometimes.

It all seems very fleeting, and I prefer writing something longer and more substantial instead of just throwing stuff out there. My own Facebook use is limited to the Myrthis page and I don't do Twitter at all, but I enjoy Instagram because of the (mostly) positive and supportive atmosphere there.

Anyway, see you soon - in store or online ;) - and enjoy this grey, rainy November day! And no, that's not meant to sound sarcastic: I'm in love with typical fall days like these. I'll probably write more about that in the next blog post!



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