Falling for autumn

(Did you get the pun in the title?)

We are in the middle of autumn, and finally the weather is catching up: leaves are falling and it's cold & rainy!

Traditionally, opinions on this time of year are always quite divided: there are those who can't wait for spring & summer to come again, and those who freaking love this season and all that comes with it. Consider me a faithful member of the latter group.

Autumn is definitely the top season for me, for a bunch of reasons. Many are fashion- and shoe-related, but I'll quickly list the main ones:

-short days, early nights -- yeah, exactly why the haters dislike fall the most ;)
-it's acceptable to drink hot cocoa at any given time of day (right?)
-candles! candles everywhere
-long, warm coats
-cozy sweaters, scarves and gloves
-you can make the nicest long nature walks, and that's where shoes come in:

I love boots, especially ankle boots, and now is the perfect time to wear 'em. In my opinion, they look great with almost any kind of outfit. Wide pants, check. Skinny pants, check. Fashionable calf- or full length skirts, check... There's a wide variety of ankle boots available in store and online: with and without heels, laces, platform soles, prints, glitter etc. All from small, dedicated brands with a unique vibe, because that's what we value the most.

Feel free to browse through the collection and let me know your favorite pair! Here's where to look for casual chic ankle boots; and here if you prefer laced ones for a more laid-back look.




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