Talking to Sabina

Hey there!

For once, I don't want you to stay on my blog. Visit Ocean Blue Style at Manderley instead, the successful brainchild and online fashion hub of my dear friend Sabina. 

Sabina Brauner is a journalist and writer from Frankfurt with an impressive sense of style. She knows everything about fashion and, more importantly, how to wear it. What I like about her the most, besides her generosity, humor and our shared obsession with Kinder chocolate, is that she stays true to her own style and doesn't just follow trends aimlessly. This results in awesome, striking looks that perfectly capture the kind, warm and self-confident woman that she is! 

We discuss this whole 'stay true to yourself and your brand' principle in the interview with me that's just been published on her blog. Yup... an interview! I feel super honored and almost sheepish to announce it, but apparently Sabina deemed me interesting enough to answer some questions for her readers. The interview is about shoes (obviously), owning a small business, Antwerp hotspots and much more.

Thank you, Sabina, for putting Myrthis in the spotlight! I owe you one ;)

You can read it here:



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